fund-raiser2-light-bulbFive Unique Small Group Fundraising Ideas

When it comes to easy, do it yourself fundraising ideas out there, the sky is the limit. Just use a little bit of imagination and do some research and you’ll find good ideas in no time. From car washes to bake sales, there is no shortage of relatively low maintenance campaigns available to choose from. Here are five unique small group fundraising ideas to get you started on your quest for the perfect unique fundraiser:

1. Host a poker tournament. Poker tournaments can be a fun way to raise money for your charity. Offer Texas hold-em or any kind of tournament and charge a small entry fee. You can even offer snacks and drinks for an extra fee, and specify that all proceeds to go to your charity.

2. Have a bowling party or competition. Bowling is an exciting way to get friends, family and colleagues involved in fundraising. You can work with a local bowling alley to get a discounted rate to host a big fundraising party, or you can even organize a bowling tournament with prizes that are donated and paid entry fees that are donated to your charity.

3. Organize gift wrapping or holiday events. Holidays are a great way to maximize your fundraising opportunities. Whether you choose to host a special holiday event such as a concert, sell gift baskets for Christmas, or host a donation gift wrapping center, take the special opportunity to raise money.

4. Have a quiz or game night. A quiz night can be a truly fun and effective way of raising money. You can host an event like this at someone’s house or even at a restaurant or bar. You can charge an entry fee and offer donated prizes to the big winners.

5. Offer breakfast on delivery. Gather a team of dedicated volunteers and offer breakfast on delivery to local businesses or corporations. Busy professionals will appreciate that breakfast can be so easily available and you’ll raise money for your group.