donateFive Unique New Ways To Fundraise

Are you working on a fundraiser but you feel like the well is running dry when it comes to creative fundraising ideas? You’re not alone, and although there are countless ways to captivate and capture the attention of new donors, you need to come up with an idea that works for you and your organization. Here are five unique new ways to fundraise:

1. Use the power of texting to raise money. Many big name charity organizations use this kind of fundraising campaign as a simple and easy way to raise funds. You can encourage people to donate a small amount of money via text message which will then be added to their phone bill and donated to your charity.

2. Host a friendly competition. Whether it’s a sing off, a dance off or a basketball throwing competition, people love to watch a friendly competition. You can charge an entry fee and donate a prize or cash to the winner of the competition. Make it extra special by including celebrity judges.

3. Offer a gift wrapping service. This can be a great way to raise money for your charity during and around the holidays. Set up a table at a local business and offer to wrap presents for a small fee or even on a donation per donation basis. It’s unique and it offers people a valuable service that they will appreciate during a busy time of year.

4. Use crowdfunding to your advantage. Whether you choose to use Facebook as a landing place for potential donors or some other place such as a website, now more than ever, you should leverage the power of social media for your fundraising efforts.

5. Host a children’s event. Parents love to watch their kids participate in talent shows and events. Create an event around the children, and the parents will come in droves to help support your organization.