Fundraise for SchoolsFive Unique High School Fundraising Ideas

High school students are a unique breed of student. If you’re helping them launch a fundraiser or if you’re trying to get them motivated to participate, you have to come up with ideas that are considered ‘cool’ but also still effective. The point is to raise money, but you can easily help raise awareness of your cause if you make it something interesting and fun for high school aged kids. Here are five unique high school fundraising ideas:

1. Host a High Fashion Day. This can be fun because teenagers—especially girls—love to dress up. Have students pay to dress up in formal attire like a gown or a tux. You’ll raise money and they will love showing off!

2. Have a karaoke night. It won’t appeal to the shy students, but this is a great event that will get school kids pumped up. Charge an entry fee and have a karaoke contest where students can enter and participate. You can take some time to share information about your cause, and students will have the chance to perform and shine.

3. Host a student raffle. Work with local restaurants, clothing stores, and movie theaters to get donated or reduced cost goods and raffle them off to students. Make sure your raffle prizes would be appealing to kids of this age group.

4. Offer a photography service. A fun way to raise money can be to offer to take photos for other clubs and organizations at the school. You can offer to take both group photos and photos with friends in those groups for a fee. You will raise funds and offer a valuable service!

5. Have a movie night. This is a great idea for students. You can rent the equipment (or ask someone to donate it for a night) and offer a free movie night. The movie can be free, but you can charge a fee for snacks and drinks. Or charge a small entry fee and include the movie and refreshments.