615x200-ehow-images-a08-01-d9-solicit-sponsorship-800x800Five Unique Fundraising Ideas That You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

Sometimes it’s a challenge to come up with a totally unique fundraiser that no one has tried before. Something that challenges people, excites them, and gets them motivated about giving and even possibly volunteering. Try to step outside of the box—beyond the car washes and cookie sales—to come up with an innovative idea that will generate interest and help make big bucks. Here are five unique fundraising ideas that you haven’t thought of yet:

1. Educational tours. Do you live in a cool place that has historical points of interest, an interesting park or a landmark? Organize a charity educational tour. Hire a local expert and charge people an admission fee to learn more about the place they call home. You can even sell concessions for a profit during the event.

2. Share A Coke. Coca-Cola offers fundraisers for small groups like school groups and church groups. Organizations get the products at a special price and then the organization sells the product for a profit. Contact Coca-Cola for more details.

3. Host An Online Auction. Work with an online company to auction off a product for charity. There are a number of companies out there that will work with charities to offer products at very low or no upfront costs. Then you can post them online and auction them off for your charity. The best news is that you don’t need to create a separate event around an auction.

4. Have a Sundae Funday. This can be such a fun event for youth groups and school groups. Have an ice cream sundae party for kids. You can buy all of your supplies in bulk, set up a table with fun toppings and flavors and sell each one for a profit.

5. Offer a Tutoring Service. Round up your best tutors and offer their services for a small fee. This money can be then donated to your charity.