Post1Five Unique Fundraising Ideas For Kids

Coming up with fundraising ideas that are appropriate for younger kids can be tricky. You need to ensure that the event is safe, effective, and not to lengthy, as attention spans are shorter amongst young kids. But, getting children involved in fundraising efforts can show them how great it can be to help others in need. Here are five unique fundraising ideas for kids:

1. Host a group sleepover. This is a great fundraising idea that is very popular with the kids and adults alike. You can charge a fee to have a sleepover for kids. During the event, you can show movies, play games, and have refreshments. Parents will enjoy a night off and kids will love having a sleepover with their friends.

2. Spelling Bee fundraiser. Parents love to participate in this event that helps them show off their master spellers. Charge a small fee to host a spelling competition between students. You can sell food and drinks for an extra chance to raise money.

3. Host an obstacle course. Kids of all ages can participate in this event. All you need is a large outdoor space where you can set up a fun (and safe) obstacle course for kids to participate in. Make sure to have volunteers on hand to help corral the kids into their places. Again, charge an entry fee for children to participate and all proceeds will go your organization.

4. Have a picture wall. This is a great fundraiser to offer as a part of a larger fundraising event. Have a large wall covered with mural-sized paper. Offer stencils, pencils, and crayons and charge a small fee to let children color on the giant picture wall. You can even create a themed wall that is part of the event itself, such as a Christmas wall during a Christmas carnival.

5. Offer to walk dogs. Post signs and advertise to have a dog walking service run by kids in your organization. They can walk dogs for tips or a small fee that goes towards your organization.