download (2)Five Top Church Fundraisers

There are dozens of church fundraising ideas available. Whether it’s a food related event like a charity doughnut sale or a social event like a festival, if you get creative and rally the best fundraising team possible, you can make raise money for your church group with minimal cost and maximum fun. Here are five top church fundraisers:

1. Raffles. Raffles are an easy and popular way to raise funds for your youth group or church organization. You can work with local businesses to get gifts donated or members of your congregation might be willing to donate too. You can even opt to host a money only 50/50 raffle where half the proceeds go to the raffle winner and half the proceeds go to your charity.

2. Host a social food event. Think pancake breakfasts, ice cream socials, and spaghetti dinners. This can be a great choice for a church, especially if you can use volunteer cooks to make the meals. You can charge a small entry fee and the social aspect will help raise awareness of your mission.

3. Have a church garage sale. This can be an awesome way to raise money. Have members of your congregation donate their unwanted household items, clothing and toys and mark the items to sell. All of the proceeds can go to your church group. You can even sell bottled water and snacks as a bonus.

4. Have dinner and a movie night. Borrow a move projector and screen, provide pizza and drinks and desserts brought by volunteers. Charge a small entry fee and donate all of the earned money to your church group. This is great for families and will truly get people excited about your goals. You can even choose to make this a regular monthly event.

5. Car wash. A car wash is a good stand by fundraiser for churches. It’s cheap to run and people appreciate the valuable service that you are offering.