iStock_000019779403XSmallFive Tips For Writing A Corporate Sponsorship Letter

It can be intimidating to contact a company and request formal sponsorship for your charity. But, if you do a little bit of leg work and follow some basic guidelines, you can create a fundraising letter campaign that will attract a number of new sponsors. There are many helpful resources online that can help you attract and attain new sponsors. Here are five tips for writing a corporate sponsorship letter:

  1. Customize your request. Don’t just blindly reach out to a company to request sponsorship. Do your research and find the individual contact that you are supposed to be in touch with for these types of requests. Also, tailor it to that company and offer them a compelling reason to get involved with your charity.
  2. Understand the company that you are contacting. When researching your targeted company, find out how they’ve helped other organizations in the past. Do they have some type of common link to your charity and a specific reason why that company in particular would be an ideal company to get involved? Think critically about why that company should participate in some way.
  3. Make your request specific. Be as clear as possible when requesting support in the form of money, volunteers, or supplies. You don’t want there to be any ambiguity when requesting corporate sponsorship.
  4. Offer them options. One of the most successful methods of obtaining corporate sponsorship is by offering your donors a variety of sponsorship levels. The levels are usually monetary donations. You can do research online to find examples of how other charities create their sponsorship levels.
  5. Highlight the benefits. Of course you need to remember to point out what’s in it for the company involved. Do they get free advertising or a badge with a link that lives forever on your charity website? Point out how they will benefit from becoming involved.