4.0Five Tips For Soliciting Sponsors For Fundraising

Soliciting sponsors as a part of your fundraiser can be a daunting prospect, but there are some highly effective ways to approach people when trying to raise money. Making cold calls or writing a letter to sponsors to try to obtain sponsorships can be helpful. Also, accessing your own personal database of connections can be a highly lucrative way to raise funds. Here are five tips for soliciting sponsors for fundraising:

  1. Determine who your ideal target audience is. Whenever you’re organizing a fundraiser and trying to solicit sponsors, it’s important to approach the right person or business. It’s best to try to find a business that in some way relates to your organization. If there is common ground between your charity and the business you are soliciting, you will be more likely to create a partnership.
  2. List sponsor benefits in great detail. Whether you writing a fundraising letter or setting up face to face meetings, you need to list out every possible sponsor benefit and present it to your potential donor. They will want to know that they will somehow benefit from the partnership.
  3. Cultivate your relationship with your sponsors. Once they have agreed to help sponsor your fundraiser, make sure to continually maintain the relationship. Keep the lines of communication open always regularly follow up to make sure that the sponsor has everything they need to be successful in your collaboration. Also, following up to thank them is critical.
  4. Use Public Relations and marketing to help. Promising media exposure and free advertising can be a great way to secure a sponsorship. Get creative and use your personal relationships with the local newspaper or TV stations to follow through with the promise of free publicity.
  5. Create customized proposals. Make sure you tailor your pitch specifically to each potential donor or sponsor. They will want the reassurance that you understand their business and why this partnership could be important to their image or their business. Be as personal and professional as possible.