Coin Dropping Into Piggy BankFive Tips for Hosting Successful Fundraising Events

If you’re new to fundraising or you’re feeling overwhelmed by the task ahead of you, consider doing some searches online for helpful fundraising pointers. There are several things to keep in mind before planning to head up a fundraiser, and these rules can work across the board and apply to fundraisers big and small. To help you out, here are five tips for hosting successful fundraising events:

1. Organize your team. When it comes to fundraising, people are your key to success. Gather the most motivated people you know. Whether they are good friends or just people who have some vested interest in your charity, set up a meeting and find out what traits they bring to the table. If you have the best team possible, you will make money in no time.

2. Map out your strategy. Once you’ve gathered your team, have a brainstorming session and get everyone’s ideas about how they think you should raise funds. Set goals, schedule target dates and milestones, and put your fundraising strategy on paper.

3. Know your audience. When making your strategy, put your potential audiences down on paper too. It’s important to understand exactly who your potential donors will be and how you can motivate them to give.
4. Make a marketing plan. When it comes to fundraising, you have to treat marketing as a high priority, just like it would be if you were running a major corporation. Find out how you will ‘get the word out’ about your charity and any events that you’ll be hosting.

5. Narrow down your list of potential events. Once you’ve come up with a broad list of fundraising event possibilities, narrow down the list to your top three event choices and begin work to schedule the first one.