Five Tips for Hosting a Restaurant Fundraiser

restaurant fundraiser image

Coming up with fun and interesting restaurant fundraiser ideas for your charity can be a challenge.

Oftentimes small, local restaurants work with a tight budget and they might be hesitant to donate money or get involved in your fundraising event. Doing a bit of research, getting in touch with yo

ur list of personal contacts, and making a solid plan can help you host a successful restaurant fundraising event. Here are five tips for hosting a restaurant fundraiser:

Use Snail-Mail

Writing a personally-addressed restaurant fundraising letter and sticking it in the mail can be a very effective way to let your local restaurants know about your charity and ask them to get involved. Writing a fundraising letter gives you an opportunity to reach a large number of restaurants while spending minimal time and money. Just make sure to follow-up by phone or in person.

Ask Everyone You Know

If you take the time to ask around, you may be surprised at how many of your friends and family members know someone who works in the restaurant industry, either directly or indirectly. Be sure to approach your personal network to find out if they know of a restaurant that might be interested in hosting a fundraising event.

Knock On Doors

Going door to door to local restaurants and making a personal appearance may be one of the most effective ways of securing a restaurant that will get involved in your fundraising event. The restaurant owners and management can put a face to a name and may be more likely to agree to participate if they have a personal rapport with you.

Offer Free Advertising

Any restaurant that agrees to host a fundraising event will need to know how they can benefit from that event. Offer free advertising or publicity, not only for the fundraising event itself, but before and after the event too. They will be more likely to agree to host a fundraiser if they know that it will be traffic to through their door.

Have a List of Suggestions Ready

Don’t make your potential restaurant sponsor do all of the work. Have a strategy in place when you approach them about sponsorship. Create a list of suggestions about how the restaurant can participate, whether it’s hosting a specific event or donating a portion of check proceeds during a certain day. If they don’t have to make decisions about how to handle your fundraising project, they will be more likely to participate.