336836-5006-21Five Tips For Writing Fundraising Letters That Get Results

If you’re working for a charity or non-profit and you need to make direct mail fundraising a part of your fundraising campaign efforts, it’s important to keep some things in mind before you sit down to write. Using a combination of online research and free fundraising letter templates online, you can create a letter that speaks volumes about your organization and most importantly gets results. Here are five tips for writing fundraising letters that get results:

1. Find out who you are writing to. Writing a letter is not just about understanding your audience and how to compel them to act by donating. You need to actually find the appropriate person to address the letter to if you’re approaching a potential corporate sponsor. Do the research, call the company and find out who you should connect with.

2. Tell a compelling story. Make sure to spend some time (a paragraph will suffice) in your letter talking about your charity, what it does, and give your potential donor a reason why they should get involved. You don’t need to go overboard, but make a clear case for your charity.

3. Say it with pictures. Images are effective, so if you can use photos from the good works that your group has been responsible for, you might have a better chance of getting donors to give.

4. Make a clear request. As for a specific amount of money, or volunteers, or whatever it is that you need from this organization. Including a call to action is important in any sales pitch—even if it’s for a non-profit.

5. Leave contact details and follow up. This is pretty self-explanatory, but make sure that you give them multiple ways to get in touch (email, phone number, etc.) and follow up a week later to make sure they received your letter.