iStock_000019779403XSmallFive Store Fundraising Ideas

Are you a retail store that’s looking to get involved with a charity partner? There are many ways to give back to a non-profit if you are a retail store, and charities always appreciate the extra fundraising help and support. Whether you simply want to get your employees to volunteer their time or you want to donate cash directly, here are five store fundraising ideas:

1. Sponsor a volunteer day. People are powerful, so perhaps just giving members of your staff the day off so that they can help volunteer with a charity is an option. Non-profit organizations work on shoestring budgets, so sometimes just offering time and manpower can be a great way to give back.

2. Offer a gift with a donation. Whether it’s a bag of goodies, a free candle, or some other small item in your store, offering your customers a free gift if they donate to your charity of choice is a great way to get involved and contribute to a worthwhile organization.

3. Go online. If you’re a store that includes a well-known brand, getting online and promoting a charity through your website or social media tools can be a powerful method of fundraising. Use your brand to help an organization in need and spread the word via any channel you can think of. Just offering free marketing and PR services through your brand can be useful to a charity.

4. Host an event or drive. This can be a sure fire way to raise awareness for a charity and get your customers and employees involved. Offer to host some type of fundraising drive or event at your location. It will be fun, it will generate excitement, and you will raise money.

5. Donate a percentage. There are other ways to donate, such as raise money through percentage donations. For example, you can choose to donate a percentage of your profits on a certain day of the month or year.