online_fundraiser_softwareFive Steps For Launching An Online Fundraiser

It’s almost impossible to head up a fundraiser nowadays if you don’t plan to take your campaign online. You can’t ignore the power of the internet, and you can certainly use the internet to your advantage. Also, there are many free tools online that are at your disposal, and they can have a significant impact on your fundraising efforts if you use them properly. Here are five steps for launching an online fundraiser.

1. Set your financial goal and/or other goals. Whether you need to raise cold hard cash for your charity, you need to recruit volunteers, or you simply want to raise awareness about your organization, it’s important to identify what your goals are before you start your campaign.

2. Choose your first platform. Keep an open mind about how you can spread the word about your fundraising campaign, but narrow your first online project down to one platform. For example, commit to launching a Facebook page about your charity. Or decide to start a blog or website if your company doesn’t already have one.

3. Grow your audience. This is your key to success. In choosing one platform, you have the opportunity to grow your audience and readership from that platform. Round up email addresses, Facebook friends, and readers and start posting interesting content about your charity. Once you’ve grown your audience, you can begin soliciting donations or whatever it is that you are seeking.

4. Generate a newsletter. As you continue to grow your charity’s online presence, you need to find a way to stay ‘on the radar’ of your followers. Creating a regularly newsletter with interesting personal anecdotes and organizational updates is a great way to keep people in the loop about what your charity is doing.

5. Move on to a second platform. Once you’ve grown your following on your first platform, branch out to using another platform online. So, if you launched your website, now move on to Facebook and follow the same steps.