Fundraise for SchoolsFive Spring Fundraisers for Elementary Schools

The new school semester has begun and it’s time to start thinking about spring fundraisers for elementary schools and other school aged groups. It’s a time for renewal, spring cleaning, and starting the year off with fresh goals for what you want your kids to accomplish this semester. To get you planning for spring, here are five spring fundraisers for elementary schools:

1. Put together a spring carnival. Whether you want to tie it to a holiday like spring break or Easter, having a seasonal carnival while the flowers are blooming and the air is clear is a fun way to celebrate spring and raise money for your elementary school group. Games, rides, and entertainment can all be a fun part of your spring carnival.

2. Have a ‘clean out your garage’ sale. Yard sales and garage sales are a great way to raise money for elementary schools. People are often doing their spring cleaning during this time of year anyway, so host a charity garage sale at your elementary school and ask people to donate their unwanted goods to charity for you to sell.

3. Sell spring cupcakes. Everyone loves delicious baked goods, and making cookies or cupcakes in fun spring colors with bright décor can be a great way to raise money for your elementary school groups.

4. Host a spring concert. Why not gather your best little singers, actors, and instrument players and host a spring concert or play for the parents of the little ones? This can be a great way to start the semester off and certainly your event will draw crowds as parents love to see their kids performing. Charge a small entry fee or accept donations for your concert.

5. Have a spring dance. The kids will love the music and fun and parents will think a spring dance is the cutest thing they’ve seen. Host a spring dance as a fundraiser and there are sure to be memories to last a lifetime.