boysoccerblue-200x300Five Sports Fundraising Events

Whether it’s for your little league team or your adult soccer league, sports fundraising events can be an effective way to raise money but also boost your team mojo if they are done right. Sports fundraisers are a way to invite friends and family and get other people involved in your sports team too. If you’re looking for sports fundraising ideas, here are five good ones to get you started:

  1. Host a Coca-cola fundraiser. One of the world’s most famous companies, Coca-Cola offers sports teams the chance to raise money by selling their products. The little league teams buy the products at a reduced rate and have the opportunity to sell the products to friends and family in order to make a profit.
  2. Sell popcorn. From gourmet popcorn to chocolate popcorn and more, there are dozens of companies that offer popcorn sales for profits if you’re trying to raise money for an organization. It can be a fun fundraiser and it’s low-cost, so it’s a simple one for children’s sports teams.
  3. Discount scratch cards. Another great option for small groups like sports teams, discount scratch cards are a great way to raise money. They give buyers the chance to get free stuff or discounted products at local businesses and some chain businesses. People will love buying them and your team will make a profit.
  4. Host a play-off game. If you’re a softball league, host a play-off game between two surprising teams and make sure people know that it’s for charity. You can sell extra concessions for a profit and make this a major event by inviting local entertainment to play at your event.
  5. Host a bingo night fundraiser. What’s more fun than a room full of people shouting “bingo!”? A bingo night fundraiser can be a fun way to gather your team and their loved ones to have some good old fashioned fun while raising money for charity. Offer snacks and treats and make it a party like atmosphere and you’ll raise money in no time.