victor_billFive Restaurants That Do Fundraisers

If you’re working on raising money for your charity, restaurant fundraisers can be a great way to go. They often are inexpensive to host and there are dozens of restaurants that collaborate with local charities to host fundraising events. If you’re working on a fundraising event like this, keep in mind that word of mouth and taking time to spread the word about your event are your keys to success. Here are five restaurants that do fundraisers and a little bit about each fundraiser works:

1. Fuddruckers: This delicious burger restaurant hosts what they call a Benefit Night. They encourage local sports teams, church groups and more to choose a designated night and spread the word about the even using flyers and word of mouth. At the end of the night, the restaurant totals up the tickets and the charity receives a donation based on the total amount of revenue generated.

2. Subway: This is a great restaurant to work with if you are launching a discount card fundraising event. You can work with any number of discount card retailers online and Subway will offer discounts to those people who purchase discount cards.

3. Pizza Hut: This great pizza chain offers two kinds of fundraising assistance. They offer discount card options as well as the option to host a pizza night with your group. With the pizza night, your charity would earn a portion of the proceeds generated from your event.

4. Arby’s: Arby’s offers both coupon books, where books sold earns a charity a certain amount of money, and they also offer restaurant nights where local groups can gather and earn 20% of the profits from a meal for their charity.

5. Sonic: In some areas served, Sonic will provide charities with discount donation cards that people can purchase. Then the charity receives the proceeds earned from the sale of the discount cards.