cardsFive Reasons to Use Plastic Fundraising Cards for Your Charity

Plastic fundraising cards can be a great way to raise money for your organization. Oftentimes, you can get local businesses involved in your fundraising efforts this way, and it can also be a great way to solicit sponsors and raise awareness for your cause. Here are five reasons to use plastic fundraising cards for your charity:

1. They won’t go bad. Yes, selling cookie dough or popcorn can be a great fundraising tool, but they can spoil and your buyers may decide not to buy from you next time around if they have purchased something that spoils. Plastic cards will never spoil or go bad.

2. It’s a win for local merchants. Local businesses can really benefit from the marketing that these cards provide. Just having their logo on the card can be a great marketing tool, and they can often gain access to new customers by getting involved.

3. It offers the buyer a great benefit. If you have gotten local businesses involved in your fundraiser, then it’s likely that card buyers will receive discounts and great values on items in the places they already regularly visit. They might get a free appetizer at a restaurant that they already love, or maybe they get 10% off at their favorite local shoe store. These fundraising cards offer customers discounts and a great value.

4. You can use them in many ways. This is also a very flexible fundraising tool. It can be used for schools, churches, and other non-profits. You can either sell them or use them as a giveaway in an auction, for example.

5. Cards demonstrate your sincerity about raising money for your organization. Buyers know that if you’ve taken the time to get local businesses involved and you have produced a high-quality card, you are dedicated to raising money for your charity. If they trust you and know that your intentions are true, they are more likely to buy or donate.