fundraising-wristbandsFive Reasons To Use Custom Wristbands for Fundraising

Silicone wristbands are a fun way to raise awareness and money for your charity. There are so many companies that sell them online that it’s an easy fundraising event to host. Here are five reasons to consider using custom wristbands for fundraising:

1. They are customizable. Yes, we said this already, but customizable fundraising (and wearable) items create a sense of collective awareness about your charity and you can include your organization’s colors, logos, and fonts so that all of your branding coordinates.

2. They are trendy. You’ve seen these wristbands in recent years thanks to the LIVESTRONG® foundation—they look cool and sporty and people love to wear them. It gives them a sense of belonging and commonality and they are especially popular with teens and college kids.

3. They are cheap. They are cheap to order and they are cheap to buy, so it’s a no brainer as far as fundraisers go. Many companies don’t even require a minimum order, so you aren’t stuck with tons of extra inventory that you can’t unload.

4. It’s practical. Not only can they be made with durable, hypoallergenic materials, they can also offer as a personal identifier for people who wear them. Also, it doesn’t matter if they get wet or dirty, they can easily be dried off and kept clean.

5. Most companies offer good customer service. If you’ve ever dealt with a company that was simply unavailable to help you during your fundraiser event, now there are so many companies to choose from that you can easily find one online that will have a phone number that you can call in case you need help during your event.

From different colors to embossed lettering and custom fonts, your charity and create a wristband that will creatively support your cause.