computerFive Reasons to Host An Online Fundraiser

Try as you might, you can’t ignore the crowded and often confusing universe of the world wide web. Thanks to the creativity of a lot of smart people, there are now many online fundraising platforms that you can use to raise money for your charity (and it doesn’t have to be difficult!). Here are some good reasons to take your fundraising online with by hosting an online fundraiser:

1. It’s really fast. As we mentioned, thanks to the internet, it’s now easier than ever to build a website or blog to start raising money for your charity. Check out GoFundMe…it’s a great place to start your fundraising journey.

2. It can be super cheap or free. Non-profits need to save as much money as possible, right? Using an online platform can be totally free or really cheap to start.

3. Everything is connected this way. If you take your fundraiser online, you can connect your website to your blog to your Facebook page and more. Making it way easier for your organizers to do their jobs.

4. You will have access to audiences you never knew you had. That’s the best part about going ‘virtual’: To go virtual is to go viral which means that your potential donors will spread the word to new potential donors which will increase your fundraising potential exponentially.

5. Makes it easy for your donors. Fundraising platforms make it easy for you to collect donations, or even volunteers, online. It can be so much more efficient for people who want to give without a lot of hassle (like buying stamps or sticking a check in the mail). This will make it easy for you to overcome objections.
Couple all of these reasons with the fact that most people have access to an email address and the internet these days, and you have some good solid reasons to take your efforts online.