Yankee CandleFive Reasons to Fundraise with Candles

There are several good reasons to consider hosting a candle fundraiser, and many companies that offer high quality products to help you launch your charity fundraising effort. Big name candle manufacturers like Yankee Candles and other home décor websites work with buyers to create fundraisers that are easy to manage and can make your charity money. Here are five good reasons to fundraise with candles:

1. It’s unique and fun. Are you tired of hosting the same fundraiser over and over again? Selling candles for charity can spark new interest in your organization and give people something to look forward to buying.

2. They are health conscious. If your organization is like many others, candy bars and cookie dough are standard fare for fundraisers. Selling candles can be a great way to focus on selling something that won’t cause them to gain unneeded extra pounds.

3. They make great gifts. If you can find a way to launch your fundraiser around holidays like Christmas, Hanukah, or Mother’s Day, then you can really ‘sell’ your buyers on the benefits of buying these as gifts for people. Everyone can use a few extra stocking stuffers, so selling the candles as a gift-able item can help you raise money fast.

4. You can take advantage of a huge profit margin. With many candle companies, the profit margins are generous as they keep wrapping, shipping, and merchandising costs relatively low for charity partners, so you can earn the maximum amount of profit for your group.

5. People love to have extra candles on hand. Selling something like this isn’t like selling frozen cookie dough that will go bad after it’s been in the freezer too long. Having extra candles on hand to give as last minute gifts or light up before company comes over will be appealing to buyers.