Five Mission Trip Fundraising Strategies

If you’re trying to launch a mission trip through your place of worship, it can be difficult. In many instances, church budgets are very small, so your mission trip will hinge on whether or not you can host a successful mission trip fundraiser. From car washes to bake sales, there are dozens of mission trip fundraising ideas that may work for your group. Here are five mission trip fundraising strategies that will make sure you’re packing your bags for this trip as soon as possible:

  1. Host a play. Why not get really creative and host a play that will tell your congregation the story about your mission and why it’s important. The play will entertain and educate and then after the show, you can share your story about why it’s such an important cause. You can charge a small entry fee and then collect donations from the audience.
  2. Set a deadline to raise a certain amount. Creating a sense of urgency and telling people why they need to give now can really move the needle in terms of fundraising. Set a specific deadline and spread the word about how you are trying to raise a specific amount of money in a short amount of time. People may react to your sense of urgency.
  3. Launch a marketing campaign within the church. Create flyers, circulate letters, and add a notice in the church bulletin and have your pastor read it aloud during service. The more you tell people within the congregation that you’re raising money for a worthy cause, the more they’ll be likely to help you.
  4. Write a mission trip fundraising letter. Create a uniform letter that all of your mission trip attendees can circulate to friends and family. Have them mail it far and wide and you will see that this can be a very effective way to raise money for your trip.
  5. Host a dinner. Have a bbq supper where you take breaks to tell people about the trip. The entrance fees will go towards your trip, but you can also add on other items to sell (or play a game like bingo where the extra money goes towards the trip).