download (1)Five Innovative Professional Fundraising Ideas

Coming up with big money fundraising ideas for your large charity or non-profit doesn’t have to be a bore. There are countless resources online that may spark some inspiration, and fundraising campaigns can often go well beyond soliciting sponsors via a direct mail campaign. Below are five innovative professional fundraising ideas to get you started.

1. Host a charity auction. Auctions are a great way to raise big money, especially if you are part of a large business. The larger your business, the more likely you are to attract wealthy or well-connected donors to help support your cause. Solicit other businesses to donate products, services, or other items of interest that can be auctioned off during a special fundraising event that you host to support your cause.

2. Host a 50/50 Raffle. The rules for this type of fundraiser are simple. People buy raffle tickets and all of the money goes into a big pot. The person with the winning raffle ticket gets half of the proceeds while the other half goes straight to your charity. Simple, low-maintenance, and an easy sell!

3. Get creative with some gifts. Gather your fundraising team together and get creative with some fundraising gift baskets. Especially popular during the holidays, you can create themed baskets and sell them for a big profit. You’ll make big money and people will love to buy something that’s custom made.

4. Pitch a jeans day. This is a great idea if you work at a large office. Pitch the idea of having a ‘jeans day’ to the powers that be at your office. Everyone pays a certain amount of money to wear jeans for that day and the money goes right to the charity. A win-win for everyone.

5. Get social with crowd-funding. Build a website or a social media site that’s specifically designed to raise money for your charity and then share it with your colleagues and team mates. Your network is powerful, so the more you spread the word online, the more money you will raise.