how-to-build-a-2Five Handmade Gifts for Fundraisers

If you’ve got someone in your organization that is handy or crafty, why not put their talents to work for your charity by tasking them with making something homemade to help raise money for your group? People love to buy things that are truly unique, useful, and have meaning, so selling handmade items for your fundraising event is a great idea. If you’re looking for some DIY fundraising ideas, here are five handmade gifts for fundraisers:

1. Gift baskets. This is a fantastic idea for fundraising, because there are so many ways that you can go about creating these. Whether you make wine baskets, cookie bouquet baskets, sports theme baskets, or kid’s themed baskets, fundraising gift baskets are such a fun way to generate interest and sales.

2. Christmas ornaments. Great for school and church fundraisers, you can make these in any number of ways. Check out Pinterest for some crafty, easy, and inexpensive ways to make homemade ornaments. If you can get kiddos involved, then these gifty ornaments will mean even more to parents and can be a hot seller around the holidays.

3. Mason Jar cookies. This is such a cute and fun fundraising gift idea. Buy large glass mason jars and create a layered cookie mix to fit inside the jar. Attach a neatly created recipe with a pretty ribbon on the jar and sell for a profit.

4. Sell necklaces for charity. Women love pretty jewelry and blingy things, so gathering your craftiest people and making beaded necklaces is a great way to raise funds. Keep in mind that it doesn’t take that much know-how to make jewelry. Just some creativity, some basic supplies, and access to a craft store that has some great beads.

5. Handmade photo frames or gifts. Look online for some great ideas to make unique picture frames, photo mugs, or even photo collage blankets for your charity.