istock_000014026140smallFive Great Soccer Fundraising Ideas

There are endless possibilities when it comes to finding sports team fundraising ideas. You want to make it fun, low-cost and something that will get both kids and parents engaged in your fundraising efforts. To get you started, here are five great soccer fundraising ideas:

1. Sell team jerseys. Nothing says team spirit like having both players and their friends and family wear their team jerseys. Soccer jerseys are stylish and sporty too, so it won’t be something that’s hard to sell for people that are closes to your little soccer player.

2. Have a team night at a local restaurant. There are dozens of restaurants in your area that will work with local groups to host soccer fundraisers. Most of the time, your group will get a portion of the proceeds from total sales on a designated night from that restaurant. It’s a fun way to get team family and friends together and you can raise money that way. Pizza is always a winner!

3. Host a kick-a-thon. The premise of this is simple and fun and can really generate excitement. Have the soccer players gather pledges for every soccer goal made and you’ll add up your earnings for your team. Give the biggest winner a prize. Parents and grandparents love to participate in this one.

4. Ask for donations from the community. This is a big one but can often be overlooked when looking at options for soccer fundraising for sports teams. Spend time asking friends, family, and especially local groups (think Lion’s Club members) for support for your soccer team. You’ll be amazed at how many people are truly supportive of youth sports programs.

5. Sell some good concessions. Whether you’re just having practice or it’s a full on tournament, buy sodas, candy and chips in bulk at a big box store and sell them for a profit for your team. People will appreciate that they don’t have to pack snacks and you’ll raise money for your team.