imagesFive Great Office Fundraising Ideas

If you work in an office and you’re trying to come up with good professional fundraising ideas, it may be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes people groan when they think of having the standard boring fundraisers and they don’t want to spend any extra time at the office. There are some great ways to raise money that will keep engagement strong and not turn people off of your efforts. Here are some good office fundraising ideas:

• Host a raffle. Fundraiser ideas for people that work in a busy office setting need to be low-maintenance and not take up a lot of people’s valuable work time. One of the simplest and most effective ways to raise money is to do an office 50/50 raffle. All you do is collect money and half of it goes to your charity and the other half goes to the big winner.

• Have a dessert table. Nothing may be more effective then baking some sweet treats and selling them for a good cause. Employees will love the distraction of munching on something delicious and it will be too hard for them to resist if they see a table topped with yummy things.

• Office car wash. This can be a fun way to spend a Friday afternoon and you offer your co-workers a valuable service. Have volunteer students or yourselves set up a donation only car wash in the office parking lot and you’ll make money for your charity.

• Organize a basketball game. What’s more fun than a little friendly competition? You can organize a basketball or football game with your co-workers that raises money for your charity of choice.

• Have a trivia night. This can be a really fun outing to a local bar or restaurant and you can raise money. Split your office into teams and have a fun trivia night with snacks and drinks. You can even give out booby prizes and the real money will go towards charity.