diy_fundraising_logoFive Great Do It Yourself Fundraising Ideas

When heading up a fundraising event for your small group, it can be tough to get creative and find fundraisers that are cost effective and of course that appeal to a lot of people. Getting more people to come to your event can mean success for your event, but oftentimes, getting more traffic to your event also means that it will cost more to host it. To keep your costs down and increase the fun factor, here are five great do it yourself fundraising ideas:

1. Have a baby wear sale. Kids grow out of their toys and clothes at lightning speed. This is why hosting a charity babywear and toy sale can be a lucrative investment. All you need is a place to host the event and some tables. Have members of your group donate their unwanted toys and clothes and sell your items for a reasonable price. All donations will go towards your charity.

2. Host a book club fundraiser. This can be a fun and engaging way to raise money for your organization. Pick a book and even ask your local book seller to offer books at a discounted rate. You can charge a small entry fee or ask for donations for snacks and refreshments and all proceeds can benefit your charity. You can even make this a monthly event.

3. Host a bake-off and bake sale. Bake sales are always popular with school and church groups because they are easy to host and they can be good money makers. You can put a new spin on this and even have a baking contest with prizes for the winners and guest judges who choose the best baked goods.

4. Have a dog wash party. This is a great way to get kids involved in your fundraising efforts and provide people with a valuable service. Set a time and a place and offer free dog washes (while asking for donations) or you can offer the service for a small fee. All you need is some buckets, doggy shampoo and some furry friends.

5. Offer an ice cream social. Ice cream socials are fun and easy. You can buy ice cream in bulk along with some creative and fun topics and charge a small entry fee.