FundraisingGreat Fundraising Ideas For Individuals

Fundraising ideas are easy to find if you’re trying to fundraise for a large group or organization. But if you are trying to find individual fundraising ideas? Being a one man show can be tough if you’ve got a cause that you’re passionate about, but with some tenacity and some creativity, you can find ways to raise money for your cause. Here are five great fundraising ideas for individuals:

  • Start a GoFundMe page. One of the best ways to raise money for your cause is to use one of the popular online donation drive sites to spread the word about your cause. Great for fundraisers for health problems, pets, startup non-profits and more, GoFundMe is just one of many online options.
  • Sell something that you make. Are you the crafty type? Or the artistic type? Whether you’re great at making handmade purses or you have been complimented on your gorgeous paintings, selling something that you’ve made with your own two hands is one of the best individual fundraising ideas.
  • Make a pledge. Do something really cool and make a pledge to do something major for charity. How about vowing to bicycle for 100 miles? Or run or walk a 10K for your favorite cause? It doesn’t have to be a fancy race for it to count. You can even pledge to mow 10 lawns for charity. It really doesn’t matter. The point is to make a sacrifice to show your dedication to your fundraising cause.
  • Hand out flyers. It may sound old fashioned but if you frequent churches, coffee shops, libraries or more, you may get further than you think just by hitting the streets and speaking with people directly about your cause. Get creative with your fliers and make them eye-catching.
  • Start an email drive. Chain emails can be a very effective way to make money for your charity. Send your email out to anyone and everyone that you can think of and you’ll raise money in no time.