imagesFive Easy Fundraisers For Animals

It’s amazing the impact that our little furry friends have on our lives. Dogs, cats, birds and other animals enhance and enrich people’s lives more than you can imagine sometimes, and they need help too. Just as people plan fundraisers to help people, they also need to help animals in need in the form of animal fundraisers. Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser for an animal shelter, or you have a certain pet in mind, here are five easy fundraisers for animals:

  1. Start a YouCaring site. is a crowdfunding site that gives people the chance to raise money using “the crowd”. It’s an online platform that gives you the chance to tell your pets story–or the story of the animal organization you’re trying to help–in order to leverage support. It’s a great tool and it doesn’t cost anything to start a campaign.
  2. Have a dog wash. What better way to celebrate and support animals than by offering a service that’s just for animals? A dog wash is a great way to raise money for your furry pals while offering a helpful service to potential donors. You can set your dog wash up in a high traffic area or work with a local pet grooming business. You can charge an entry fee or accept donations for pet baths.
  3. Doggie treat bake sale. There are recipes for gourmet dog treats online. Why not host a pet treat bake sale where you make home made pet treats and sell them for a profit? People will love this unique fundraiser and it can help raise awareness for your cause.
  4. Walk dogs for donations. Consider starting a dog walking service in your area where you accept donations for walking dogs. You can also offer pet sitting services or pet grooming services for donated money.
  5. Have a pet costume contest or pet parade. This is a fun one to host during Halloween. Encourage people to get their furry pals dressed up to strut their stuff during a costume contest and parade. You can organize sponsors or accept donations during the event.