baseball_give_guyFive Great Baseball Fundraising Ideas

Looking for good little league fundraising ideas? If you’re in charge of your child’s baseball fundraiser, start looking for ideas that are low cost and easy for busy parents to manage during the hectic school year. Beyond cookie sales and car washes, there are some truly creative and fun fundraising ideas that will get your little players excited and keep your parents engaged. Here are five great baseball fundraising ideas to get you started:

1. Concession stands. If your youth baseball team is already playing each week, why not set up a charity concession stand where you sell snacks and drinks for a profit that helps support your team? You can buy stuff in bulk at a big store and then sell it for a small fee, letting people know of course that all proceeds go towards your charity.

2. Personalized phone cases. This is a great idea, especially for those older players like high schoolers. There are a number of companies that can make personalized phone cases with team logos, names, and player numbers. It can be a great way to make money within your organization and friends and family will love them too.

3. Have a Home Run Derby. There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to get people to donate and participate. Have a competition like a home run derby, base stealing derby, or catching derby and get students to solicit donations for each awesome play. You can even sell concessions or a little extra cash during the event.

4. Sell team t-shirts and jerseys to family. This may be something that your little league team is doing anyway, so make sure to factor in profit money when selling t-shirts to people close to the players so that you can make some money for your team.

5. Team photos with accessories. Take team and individual photos and offer to turn them into cool stuff like coffee mugs or mouse pads. Parents will love this one and you’ll make some extra dough for equipment, tournaments, and more.