Hershey_2_Candy_Fundraising_Assortment (1)Five Good Reasons To Host a Hershey’s Candy Bar Fundraiser

Candy bar fundraisers can be a really fun way to make money for your charity. People love sweets, and they are economically priced, so they are usually easy to sell. Beyond other more traditional fundraising ideas, a candy bar fundraiser with a big name company like Hershey’s can be a great way to go. Here are five good reasons to host a Hershey’s candy bar fundraiser:

1. It’s a brand everybody knows. Hershey’s is an internationally recognized, all-American candy bar company that partners with charities that want to host a candy bar fundraiser. From athletic organizations to church groups and more, this well-known company offers products that will be easy to sell because of their mass popularity and brand recognition.

2. They make it really easy. Because it’s such a large organization that has been offering charity candy bar fundraisers for a long time, they have streamlined the process and make it really easy for even small organizations to host a Hershey’s fundraiser.

3. It’s low cost. This is a great option because they offer a variety of Hershey’s candy bars and products at a nominal fee that charitable groups can sell for a small profit. And although each candy bar is sold for a small profit, those profits add up and can mean big bucks for your organization.

4. The offer extra incentives. Hershey’s also offers extra incentives to motivate your group to sell more and to award top sellers and loyal buyers. These added incentives add value to the fundraising campaign and can create some fun with a little friendly competition.

5. It’s tasty and delicious! This is of course a great reason to host a candy bar fundraiser. People love to feed their sweet tooth and the ever-popular Hershey’s brand will entice people to buy every time.