moneyFive Good Fundraising Ideas For Any Small Group

The beauty of small group fundraising is that you are not held hostage to policies and procedures like you would be if you were hosting a fundraiser for a large non-profit. This means that you can use a little bit of ingenuity and creativity to host a fundraiser that will help you raise money and bring new followers to your cause. Here are five good fundraising ideas for any small group:

1. Design a t-shirt. This is especially cool if you have someone who is a bit of an artist in your small group. You can design a t-shirt with your group’s logo or motto and a cool design and then sell the shirts for a profit for your group. Friends and family that are affiliated with your group will love to show their support, and who doesn’t need a new t-shirt anyways? Make it even more interesting by having a contest in which people vote for their favorite design.

2. Have a bake sale. Tried and true, this fun and delicious fundraising event is great for groups that have a common area where they can sell their wares such as a church hall or a school cafeteria. You can even make it themed and have a pie, cake, or cookie sale.

3. Host a pizza night. Pick your favorite local pizza restaurant and work with them to host a pizza night. Usually, your group gets a small discount on pizzas and then a portion of the proceeds go directly to your charity, but there are many ways to host a pizza restaurant. Get in touch with your local pizza places for more details.

4. Offer to have a concession stand at an event. If you’re fundraising for a school, for example, approach the school about setting up a charity concession stand during a sports game or a band concert. People always need refreshments and they will love to support other causes at the school.

5. Sponsor an action. Whether it be walking a 5k, running a marathon, or biking for 40 miles, collecting sponsors for a specific feat that someone will perform is a great way to raise money.