Raffle Ticket Spool

Raffle Ticket Spool

Five Fundraising Raffle Ideas That Will Make You Money

Fundraising raffles are a great way to raise money for your charity. Most of them are pretty simple to host, and they can be a great way to generate excitement about your cause. There are countless items and services that you can choose from when planning a charity raffle. To get you started, here are five fundraising raffle ideas that will help you raise money:

1. 50/50 Raffle. This is one of the easiest raffles you can possibly host. Basically, people buy a raffle ticket at a certain price. The proceeds from that ticket sale are divided in half. Half of the proceeds go into a pot for the winner and the other half go directly to your charity. At the end, the winning ticket holder wins half of the pot!

2. All Are Winners raffle. Work with local businesses or organization members to get small prizes donated. For this raffle, every ticket holder wins a prize if you can get enough stuff donated.

3. Date night raffle. Work with local restaurants and movie theaters to get movie tickets and meals or gift certificates donated, and then raffle off a date night to the lucky winner.

4. Holiday gift basket raffle. This is a truly awesome way to raise money for your charity. Have your most creative friends create some themed baskets—sports, coffee, chocolate, spa baskets, and more—and schedule a holiday gift basket raffle right before the holiday season. People will love to take advantage of the creative gift ideas and you’ll raise big money thanks to your creativity.

5. Raffle off services. This can be a great raffle idea, especially if you’re folding into a larger event. Raffle off valuable services like house cleaning, lawn services, or even remodeling services.