download (2)Five Fundraising Ideas for Church Groups

Church group fundraising can be fun yet challenging depending on the size of your group and congregation. Obviously, you need to make your fundraising something cheap because you won’t have a big budget to work with and you may even be limited on how many volunteers you have to help run your event. Think creatively about how you can turn minimal resources into something that can work for you and the good of your church. Here are five fundraising ideas for church groups:

1. Host a movie night. A movie night can be a really fun event to host at your church, especially if you do some type of unique movie night such as ‘family movie night’ or ‘teen movie night’. All you need is a projector and a screen and some good snack foods. Charge a fee to make a profit, serve concessions, and even offer games for those that don’t want to watch the movie or for before and after. Put out a donation jar to collect extra funds for your church group.

2. Host a donation drive after a service. Set up a table after the church service and ask passersby to donate to your group. Ask the minister to make an announcement during the service that you’ll be collecting donations after church.

3. Have a junk sale. Host a junk sale or a yard sale is a great way to raise money. Spend a month making announcements at church about your upcoming junk sale. Request donations of unwanted stuff from your congregation and then host a garage sale one weekend the following month.

4. Make Christmas cards. This is a fun way to get your youth groups and kids involved in your fundraising efforts. Have kids design handmade Christmas cards and then sell them to members of your church, family, and friends. Or have a contest for the best ‘artist’ and have those cards printed for charity.

5. Have karaoke night. All you need is a karaoke night, an audience, and a small entry fee and you have a ready-made event!