imagesFive Fun Student Council Ideas

If you’re in charge of your student council fundraiser and need some creative ideas, there are countless fun and inspiring ideas online and a good brainstorming session with your classmates can get the creative juices flowing. Here are five fun student council ideas to help you raise money for your school:

1. Have a ‘pay to wear’ day. In the days of school uniforms, it can be fun to be able to formal wear, hats, or even crazy Hawaiian shirts to school. This can be a fun and super easy way to raise money for your student council. Pick your theme (such as crazy hat day) and charge each student a certain amount, such as $2 a person, to wear a crazy hat on a designated day. All proceeds can go to benefit your school.

2. Host a silent auction. Get with local businesses such as pizza restaurants or ice cream shops to donate gift cards or prizes and auction them off to the students in your school. You can even get teachers and administrators involved and have them donate items to be auctioned off.

3. Host a walk a thon. Ask permission to host a walk for a cause during class time and ask for donations from students to participate in the event. Make it fun and exciting, and proceeds can go towards your student council fund or to a local charity.

4. Sponsor a school movie night. This can be an awesome way to get students excited about your cause because it’s a social event. Charge a small entry fee and a small amount if they want snacks and drinks.

5. Volunteer to bag groceries. During a busy season, you can work with a local grocery store to have student council member’s bag groceries. You can accept donations in the form of tips and use the money for your organization.