downloadFive Fun Raffle Basket Ideas

Selling raffle baskets can be a great way to raise money for your charity. They are often a hot seller because they are unique and hand-made and they can be especially popular if you tie them into the holiday season somehow. If the members of your charity are toying around with the idea of raffling off gift baskets, here are five fun raffle basket ideas to get the creative ideas flowing:

1. Sell sports themed baskets. Sometimes it’s just hard to buy for guys, which is what makes this such a great gift basket idea. Pick some favorite local sports teams and add t-shirts, beer holders, baseball caps, and even game tickets to the mix. It will get high bids in no time.

2. Do a kids’ themed basket. From popular cartoon baskets like Sponge Bob or Mickey Mouse to outdoor play baskets with stuff like bubbles and kites, the sky is the limit if you decide to sell some kids themed baskets. They will always be popular as they make great birthday gifts.

3. Have a date night basket. This can be a really fun way to inspire people to buy raffle tickets. Include things like a bottle of wine, gourmet chocolates, move tickets, and maybe even gift certificates to a local restaurant. This can be a great raffle item for Valentine’s Day.

4. Create a girly make-up basket. Sometimes the ladies just want to be pampered which is what makes this a popular choice. Gather fun things like facial masks, fun eye shadows, eye liners, lipsticks and a new make-up brush set and you can make a hot ticket make-up basket for the ladies.

5. Food themed raffle baskets. Another fun idea is to create a basket around a genre of cuisine such as French or Italian. Include a recipe book, wine, cheeses, dessert items and more to make this a fun and creative raffle item.