downloadFive Fun Halloween Fundraisers

Leveraging any holiday for fundraising events is always a great idea. You can generate excitement about your fundraiser with the momentum of the holiday and if you get really creative, you can raise big money with Halloween fundraisers. Halloween fundraising ideas aren’t hard to come up with if you start thinking outside of the box. To get you started, here are five fun Halloween fundraisers that are sure to scare up some big donations:

1. Host a haunted house. Yes you need some supplies and great decorations for this, but this fundraiser will be wickedly fun. You can have volunteers on hand to make it super creepy and then charge an entry fee for people to see it. You can even have bottled water, sodas, and snacks on hand to sell as well. Or get creative and sell some Halloween treats.

2. Have a pumpkin patch. Use your local church or school yard and sell pumpkins for donations. You can also add on cool stuff like jack-o-lantern carving kits or pumpkins that are carved and ready for Halloween night.

3. Host a Halloween bake sale. This one is super easy as part of an event like a party or carnival, or even setting up a table in a neighborhood that gets lots of trick or treating traffic on Halloween. Get your volunteer baking experts together and make Halloween cookies, cakes, and cupcakes and sell them for a profit.

4. Ask for donations instead of treats. This isn’t your typical Halloween fundraising event, but it can certainly be effective. Let kids know that they are raising money for their cause and tell them to ask for loose change instead of candy.

5. Host a Halloween dance. This is something really fun and great for the entire family. Host a dance with music, treats, and games and the entire family will want to come. You can charge an entry fee and even sell extra goods at your event.