downloadFive Fun Fundraising Items to Make

Are in charge of a fundraiser but you’re looking to make some homemade fundraising items? If you’re the crafty sort, you might want to try selling high quality handmade goods in lieu of fundraising with pre-made or pre-ordered items like candles or cookies. If you have a particular talent for making something that people love, then use your creative prowess to raise funds for your charity. If you need some fresh ideas, here are some good ones to get you started with five fun fundraising items to make:

1. Seasonal wreaths. Whatever the holiday, whatever the season, making handmade wreaths is sure to be a big hit with potential buyers. Craft stores have a variety of bare wreaths that are just waiting to be decorated. Make themed wreaths around a holiday like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, or create something cool like making a ‘school spirit’ wreath with decorations that include school colors.

2. Jewelry. Handmade beaded jewelry is all the rage these days as people crave items that have unique character and a story behind them. Why not try your hand at making some beautiful beaded jewelry to sell for a good cause?

3. Mason jar cookie recipes. This is a super cute way to create an inexpensive thing that people can buy for gifts or for themselves. Pinterest and other websites show you how create a mason jar that includes a beautifully layered cookie or brownie recipe with a typed-out set of baking instructions on the label. Fun to make and really cheap.

4. Sell your best art. Hand painted or hand crafted art (especially by children) is a hot and crafty handmade fundraising idea. Auction off artwork from your favorite local artist or have your charity volunteers get artsy and create items to sell.

5. Quilts. Creating a handcrafted blanket or quilt gives people a meaningful item that they will have for the rest of their lives and possibly pass down from generation to generation. A quilt is a gesture and if it’s sold for charity, it can be even more meaningful.