fundraising-creative-ideas5-bFive Fun Fundraising Ideas For Work

Sometimes it’s hard to get the office staff motivated to get into fundraising mode. People are busy, overworked and stressed out and the last thing they want to do is worry about a fundraiser. When trying to launch a work fundraiser, try to keep the creative ideas flowing and create something that people can get excited about—and something that can break up a monotonous work week. Here are five fun fundraising ideas for work to get your creative ideas flowing:

1. Have a casual dress day. Everyone loves an excuse to get out of their stuffy work attire. That’s why this fundraiser is fun and easy. With permission from the company of course, offer a casual dress day for those who pay. All proceeds can go to your charity.

2. Host a talent show. This fundraiser offers your office crew a chance to see a different side of their colleagues. Ask everyone to bring their best secret talent whether it’s singing, dancing, or juggling, and offer a prize to the big winner. Invite friends and family and if everyone pays to participate, you’ll make some good money for your non-profit.

3. Volunteer for the day. One thing you can do for the office staff is to give them a day off to volunteer for your charity or the one that the company partners with. It’s a good way to get some much needed extra hands involved, plus it takes people out of their usual work doldrums and encourages them to lend a hand.

4. Host a social gathering like a potluck dinner. You can invite family and friends of your co-workers and ask everyone to bring something (you can even make it a themed dinner). Charge a small entry fee and ask for donations for your cause. It will be fun for everyone and you’ll raise money.

5. Have a costume contest. It doesn’t have to be Halloween to play dress up. Make it a party, charge a fee, and offer a prize to the office winner with the best costume.