krispy-kreme-fundraiserFive Fun Food Fundraising Ideas

There are dozens of food fundraising ideas out there that you can get your hands on. Food fundraising is a great idea because of course, people love to eat, and there are countless companies that partner with charities to sell high-quality food products for a good cause. Whether you choose to host a candy bar fundraiser, or go beyond this idea, here are five fun food fundraising ideas to get you started:

1. Have a doughnut sale. This is an awesome way to raise money for your small group. Popular doughnut companies like Krispy Kreme offer multiple ways to sell donuts to help raise money for your charity. With choices like selling donuts at a certain event, selling doughnut gift certificates, and more, this can be a great way to generate excitement and raise funds.

2. Host a pancake breakfast. This is a popular idea for organizations like church groups and sports groups. You can gather a group of volunteer chefs to make pancakes and bacon and have other volunteers pour coffee and orange juice. You can charge an entry fee and all proceeds can benefit your organization. It’s a social event and people will love the big breakfast!

3. Sell cookie dough. This is a great fundraising idea to kick off before the holiday season. There are a number of companies that manufacture frozen cookie dough that can be sold by different charities. Hosting an event like this before the holidays is a great idea—Mom can always use that extra cookie dough in the freezer around the holidays when she needs extra treats for her company.

4. Host a wine tasting event. Wine tasting can be a fun way to engage and entertain and can help you make money too. You can work with a company to do this, or host an event of your own where tips and a cover charge directly support your organization.

5. Sell gourmet coffee. Many companies online also manufacture high quality gourmet coffees that make great gifts around the holidays. This can be a great way to provide something that people love while helping boost the earnings of your charity.