Hershey_2_Candy_Fundraising_Assortment (1)Five Fun Candy Fundraising Ideas

Great for school groups and church groups, candy fundraisers can’t be beat if you’re hosting a fundraiser that involves the kiddos. Candy fundraising is typically inexpensive and usually there are very generous profit margins. Here are five fun candy fundraising ideas that you can try for your small group:

1. Hershey’s fundraiser. This is just about the most well-known brand of chocolate bars in existence, and they offer fundraisers for small groups. They offer a group of $2 candy bars that you can sell for a profit and they even have extra incentives for groups who are able to sell big.

2. Lollipop fundraiser. For those that aren’t interested in selling chocolate, lollipops can be a fun way for the little ones to raise money. They come wrapped, they are super inexpensive and they are a hot seller. Look for companies like Ozark Delight that have specialized in this sort of thing for years and have a proven track record.

3. Sell something that’s not quite candy. Yes, this is an option too for groups that are more health-oriented or concerned about parents having objections to buying candy. There are companies online that sell other treats like popcorn or even fruit snacks—items that are appealing but are not quite as sweet as candy.

4. Do it yourself. Another way to host a candy fundraiser is to simply buy bagged candy or chocolate bars in bulk and sell them for a profit. This works great during a larger event like a carnival or sporting event especially if people know it’s for a good cause.

5. Cotton candy fundraiser. There are some companies online that will help you sell bagged cotton candy for a profit. This again works very well when you are hosting a festival or carnival and can be added to your other fundraising efforts.