moneyFive Fun Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

Looking for some great booster club fundraising ideas? There is no limit to the fun and excitement you can generate with food fundraisers, cookie fundraisers, creative fundraisers and more. Ramp up your team spirit with some fundraisers that will generate interest and dollars for your booster club. Here are five fun booster club fundraisers:

  • Have a booster club yard sale. Having a garage sale can give people the opportunity to get rid of their unwanted items like clothing, books, household goods and more. But people love picking through yard sales for treasures and goodies. Best of all, the goods sold at garage sales are cheap so you will attract large crowds if you host it at the right place and right time. Let people know a month in advance that you’re looking for unwanted stuff for charity so you can start rounding up donated goods.
  • Sell t-shirts or something with team spirit. From rubber bracelets to team t-shirts, show your team pride by selling people unique team gear that they can wear to support the booster club. You can work with any number of companies that will offer you discounted gear that is affordable. You can sell the gear for profits.
  • Have a Coca Cola fundraiser. The worldwide beverage giant regularly works with small organizations like booster clubs to sell your group drinks for a discounted rate, making it easy for you to make a profit. Visit the website for more information.
  • Let them eat cake. A bake sale is a super fun fundraiser as you can get your kiddos involved in doing the baking. All you need is some basic supplies and you can bake cakes, cookies, brownies and more to support your booster club. Sell them at a game and watch them fly off the table.
  • Host a raffle. From raffling off popular items to doing a straight 50/50 money raffle, doing a raffle fundraiser can be a winning way to raise easy cash for your booster club.