poker-tournament-fundraiserFive Fun Adult Fundraising Ideas

When it comes to fundraising ideas, we are always thinking about what’s best for the kids: Youth groups, church groups, sports teams, arts groups and more, but what about the older fundraisers in your life? Whether you’re trying to raise money for a non-profit attached to your company, your church group, or your charity baseball team, there are countless fun ways to get community, family and friends involved in your fundraising efforts. Here are five fun adult fundraising ideas:

1. Host a poker night. Whether you decide to host a poker tournament or have an full-fledged casino night, a charity gambling event can be a great way to raise money and have a lot of fun. There are companies that can help you organize events like this and if you charge an entry fee and a little bit of money for food and cocktails, you’ll help your charity in no time.

2. Have a karaoke contest. People love to let their hair down, especially if it’s for a good cause. Host a karaoke night with cash or donated prizes. Charge an entry fee for food and drinks and have friends invite other friends and relatives. You’ll have a blast and help your cause at the same time.

3. Have wine and cheese. This social event can be a great way to raise money. You can even get creative and hire a sommelier to host an official wine tasting event. Round up some delicious gourmet cheeses and other goodies and host a themed wine tasting such as Italy wine night or feature local wines. It’s a creative and fun adult fundraising idea.

4. Organize a celebrity event. Whether you choose to put on a show, host a golf tournament or have some other type of contest, getting local celebrities involved in your event can bring your charity notoriety and help you raise more money.

5. Have a beer tasting event. This can be an awesome fundraising idea for the adults associated with your organization. If you live near a place that features micro-brewed beers (or even if you have access to them) you can host a charity beer tasting event.