istock_000018094345smallFive Fantastic Event Fundraising Ideas

Looking to raise some big money for an upcoming fundraising event or just big money for a terrific cause? Coming up with great fundraising ideas is as easy as doing some good quality research and asking people who have been successful in the past. If you want to earn big, you have to fundraise big and that means coming up with an idea that’s perfect for your target audience. Think about what potential donors are interested in—how can you engage them in one place? To get you thinking, here are five fantastic event fundraising ideas:

1. Try a fundraising website. There are dozens of virtual companies that have built businesses around online fundraising. Also called crowdfunding, taking your fundraiser online can help you reach a targeted and seemingly endless audience.

2. Try to hook up with a celebrity. Whether you do a raffle to auction off something that’s signed by someone famous or you get a local celebrity to help MC a fundraising event, getting some brand power involved can help you raise big bucks.

3. Have a restaurant night at a fancy place. Work with a local restaurant to host a black tie dinner and wine tasting event. Charge a flat fee for the dinner and then provide entertainment, giveaways, a raffle or something similar.

4. Host a golf tournament for charity. This is great if you have an exclusive golf club in your area. It’s also great if you work in an office of avid golfers. Work with a local golf club to host a tournament. Get prizes donated for the first, second and third place winners. All proceeds paid by entrants go to your charity.

5. Host a fundraising open house. One way to host an event that can raise big money without the frills of a fundraising gala is to host an open house. You need a willing host, some entertainment, a slideshow or interesting presentation, food and more. It needs to be captivating enough to draw a crowd but not too big a crowd.