Men and women by a CrucifixFive Effective Fundraising Techniques For Churches

Are you in charge of church fundraising but you don’t know where to start? It’s important to think about things like the size of your congregation and what your objectives are before you start planning. Also, have a budget in mind before you start trying to raise money for your church. Here are five effective fundraising techniques for churches:

1. Do a dollar drive through your church bulletin. Sometimes simply asking for help is the best way to get it. If your church has a newsletter or church bulletin (or even an email list), start launching your church fundraising campaign that way. You’ll spread the word fast and the cost will be very little.

2. Do a holiday fundraiser. Whether it’s a Christmas gift basket sale or donation gift wrapping, hosting a seasonal fundraiser that celebrates a religious holiday can be a great way to raise money for your church group. Make it fun and exciting and you’ll get people excited about the holidays and get them into the giving spirit.

3. Make it artistic. Do you have someone at your church that can paint beautiful images or create a unique religious t-shirt? Selling or auctioning off personally created items can generate excitement and you can create something that is beautiful, sentimental, and religious in nature.

4. Sell a church calendar. This can be a really fun way to raise money especially if you have an involved, passionate group of congregation members. Take some great photos of the congregation all year long and sell a calendar for the upcoming year around the holidays. You can work with an online company who can mass produce them and then you can sell them for a profit for your charity. People always need a calendar and they’ll love seeing photos of friends and family members.

5. Use a donation box. Simple and effective, including a donation box in a high traffic area will ensure that people drop their lose change and dollar bills into the donation box. You’ll raise money easily and at no cost.