downloadFive Effective Crowdfunding Sites

The beauty of crowdfunding is that you can raise hundreds of dollars in one fell swoop by posting information about your cause and charity online. By leveraging the power of online engagement and social media, you can reach an audience of potentially thousands by utilizing one of the many websites that specializes in crowdfunding.

There is now an industry built around crowdfunding and there are many sites to choose from, depending on what is right for your organization. It’s important to note that there are a few models by which these sites operate. One way is donation centered fundraising which obviously works to seek donations directly from donors. The second is investment crowdfunding where businesses raise capital by selling ownership shares online. This article addresses the first, which is donation based fundraising. Here are five effective crowdfunding sites to try with your organization:

Indiegogo: This company started early in the business and offers a flexible platform and a great way to spread the word. Donors can find anything and everything on this website from artists to inventors and more.

Crowdrise: Another great platform to consider, this website attracts thousands of donors for causes from a variety of industries and categories.

Rockethub: They call themselves “the world’s fundraising machine” and they can connect charities to thousands of users online. They have a unique partnership with A&E that offers people broad exposure.

GoFundMe: This is a great platform because it offers people the chance to raise money for both personal campaigns and for group charities.

Fundly: This is an effective donation-centered platform that gives charities the chance to tell their stories and connect with donors. Donors can browse giving opportunities by category and it’s an easy platform to use.

It’s important to do your research and find the right platform for your cause which will depend on your specific circumstances and who you are trying to target.