food driveFive Creative Ways to Make Your Food Drive Fundraiser Successful

Food drives are a great way to get friends, family and community members directly involved in helping others in a hands-on way. Whether you’re in charge of your church or school fundraiser, a food drive can get people motivated to help those less fortunate. Here are five creative ways to make your food drive fundraiser successful:

1. Set a visual goal. Set a goal, whether it’s a financial goal, or a goal for how many families you need and draw a big picture on a chalk board or dry erase board and have your fundraising team track how many donations you’ve collected every hour, day, or month of your food drive. People love to work with visuals and it will keep people enthused about giving.

2. Get a little bit of friendly competition going. Break your fundraising team into groups or even in half and select a prize such as a pizza party or gift cards to the team that raises the most money, or in this case, the most food donations.

3. Make it a party. This is one of the best things about food drives: They are almost always social events. People love to roll up their sleeves, be a part of a group, and feel like they are making a difference. Throw a big party. Invite your friendliest volunteers, play fun music, and invite people in your community to come join the volunteers—or donate the food.

4. Put together donation bags. Putting bags together with food staples is a great way to run a food drive. You can have volunteers organize the bags with valuable canned goods and supplies and then ‘sell’ the bags to donors.

5. Host a skip a meal program. This is an interesting way to raise money for a food drive. Have donors volunteer to skip a meal and then donate the money that they would have spent on that meal to your charity for families in need.