high_school_fundraiser_s3Five Creative School Trip Fundraising Ideas

When you’re in charge of hosting a school trip fundraiser, it can be a challenge to come up with innovative and effective ideas. You have to come up with something low cost, because of course your money needs to go towards having a meaningful school trip that the kids won’t forget. You also need a moneymaker, and ideally a fundraising event that could help you towards your goal in just one day. Here are five creative school trip fundraising ideas:

1. Have a school yard sale. This kind of fundraising event only works if you can really get students to ask other students and parents to get involved. You can host the event at the school on a Saturday and have people bring donated goods to sell during the yard sale. All of the proceeds go towards your school trip.

2. Host a pizza night. Whether you work with a local pizza restaurant to get proceeds donated on a certain night, or you work out a special pricing deal to sell pizzas for a profit at your school, pizza nights can be a popular way to raise money.

3. Offer to have students work a concession stand. You can recruit volunteers to help work the concessions stand (or even just sell concessions if it’s not something that’s already offered) at a school sporting event. You can collect tips for charity and the money can go to funding your school adventure.

4. Wash some cars. This old standby fundraiser is popular with organizations like schools and church groups because it works. All you have to do is find a high traffic area to host your car wash and you’ll make hundreds in no time.

5. Offer a babysitting night. This is a great fundraising idea and busy parents will appreciate the service you provide. Make sure to spread the word that you are offering low cost babysitting on a predetermined night before the actual event.