fundraising-creative-ideas5-bFive Creative School Fundraising Ideas

It’s hard to come up with truly creative, unique fundraising ideas that haven’t been done before. If you’re fundraising for a school, you need to captivate the attention of the student body, staff and administrators, and of course the parents and it’s hard to find an event that will get everyone’s attention. To start the creative process, here are five creative school fundraising ideas:

1. Sell a collective service or performance. Do your students have a dance club or theater club? Then put on a fundraising performance of some kind using your students as the selling point. You can sell this event during another event and charge a fee or request donations after the performance.

2. Host an adult spelling bee. This can be a fun way to turn the tables on the teachers and get them involved in your fundraising efforts. The best way to do it is to break the adults into teams of 4 so that it’s all in good fun and no one gets embarrassed from spelling a word incorrectly. To raise money, you can charge for refreshments, an entry fee, and request donors to pledge an amount of money for correctly spelled words.

3. Have a bowling tournament. This can be a very social event and a great fundraiser. Work with a local bowling alley to get discounted rates and organize teachers and students into bowling teams. Everyone pays a fee to play and then the money goes towards your charity. The winner gets a grand prize and it’s a great way to build school spirit.

4. Have a student talent show. This can be a great way to showcase individual talent and raise money. Ask students to volunteer to show their favorite talents and then charge an entry fee and sell refreshments to make money.

5. Ask students to come up with a fundraiser. This is a great way to get kids thinking about how they can raise money for your organization.