Hershey_2_Candy_Fundraising_Assortment (1)Five Chocolate Candy Fundraising Ideas

Who doesn’t love the taste of sweet, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate bars? Chocolate fundraising can be a scrumptious way to raise money for your non-profit. If you’re interested in reading how chocolate candy fundraising ideas can help you raise money for your small group, here are some great ideas:

1. Select a mix and match variety pack. This is an easy way to make money with chocolate. Choose a company online that offers a variety pack of different flavors including milk chocolate, dark chocolate and more, and pay a flat rate for an entire box of candy bars. You will sell them for a low price point such as $1 and then reap big rewards with a large profit margin.

2. Go with the gold standard, like Hershey’s. One of the most recognized brand names in the U.S., Hershey’s can’t be beat for fundraising. They have assortment boxes, such as their $2 assortment which comes with 30 bars and their Max Assortment which holds 52 bars. People will love that you have their favorite candy bars on hand and you get a generous portion of the proceeds of sales.

3. Get creative and make baskets. If you have a bit more time and an audience that has a bit more money to spend, you can go it on your own and put together creative chocolate gift baskets. You can add hot cocoa, cookies, chocolate bars and much more to make it really fun.

4. Sell a baking box. Some people just love to bake their own cookies, so you can sell baking boxes that include quantities for a chocolate cookie recipe or brownie recipe or two. Get creative and make them cute with extra baking accessories and they will sell like crazy.

5. Make your own chocolate snack mix. This is a great one to do during the holiday season. Grab a highly-reviewed recipe online and some cute bags or boxes and make your own snack mix. Sell your wares for a profit and let people know it’s for a good cause.