school-fundraisers-300x199Five Best Fundraiser Ideas For Kids

Sometimes it’s hard to find good fundraising ideas for kids. You have to come up with something that is creative enough to capture their attention but it also has to be safe, orderly, and not a mess. Fundraisers for kids also have to be aimed at getting parents involved and other family members if possible. To give you a starting point, here are our five best fundraiser ideas for kids:

1. Host A Concert. Who doesn’t love to see their little ones perform? Hearing little voices singing in harmony can pull at heartstrings and get families involved. You can put together a children’s chorus concert and charge a small entry fee. A great idea during the holidays!

2. Sell Candy. Of course the kiddos love candy and parents love to buy from them, so this one is a natural fit for the kiddos.

3. Have A School Sleepover. This is such a fun and exciting fundraiser for kiddos and parents will love having a night off (if of course you have plenty of volunteers). You can charge money and have a movie night with a sleepover.

4. Pumpkin Decorating Table. Great for the Halloween season, you can set up a table with pumpkins that kids can decorate. Have lots of crafty creative things that kids can use to make their pumpkins more interesting and you can accept donations or charge a fee. This is even better as part of a bigger fundraiser like a Halloween carnival.

5. Have A Kids Bake Sale. What’s better than teaching little kids how fun it is to make delicious treats like cookies, cakes, and pies? You can have a kid’s bake sale and sell goodies that are especially made by the little ones. Moms and grandmas will love this one!